New York Music is the home of music in New York

New York Music is about all aspects of music. The music itself as well all the things that go into putting it together. From the equipment, the people, the venues, the business dealings, the legalese, all of it.

We are going to try to build something here that not just a place for people to post songs and promote themselves. 

If you feel you have something to contribute and would like to be a part of this please contact us. Easily Tagged

New York Music is a domain that you can tag and push to the top of searches that include New York Music and Music in New York very easily.

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Start a New York Music Community

David Clive - Stanton - Blue Note
 David Clive - Stanton - Blue Note

 Open Source CMS software can helps creating a community website for New  York Music a breeze. Let us show  you the possibilites   

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New York Music - is a great is a great investment. The URL speaks for itself, it is a top level .com domain. With the right commitment and tools it can be the basisi of a strong web presence for anyone involved in New York Music.

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